Shiny & expensive gear for your Mac UPDATE

Jonathan Ive must cringe every time he sees Mac accessories. Latest in the long line are:
GarageKey, a mini USB keyboard. It seems to be pretty much the same as the E-Keys, but with a slightly fancier plastic finish. E-Keys=$49, GarageKey=$119.
MicFlex, a USB microphone. Seems like a slightly better idea (the plastic dome thing is just a stand, it will plug straight into a laptop USB port without it). Obviously you could spend £2.25 on a PC microphone, but this does look nice, and you'd look suave singing into your laptop at the airport. It's $49.99. UPDATE: Jack from MacMice got in touch to point out that their keyboard has full-sized keys, unlike the E-Keys. Which does make it a lot more appealing. Oh, and did you notice that it's white?

Thanks for the mention, but, there can be no comparison between our GarageKey and the E-Keys unit you mention. While aesthetically simple, the GarageKey uses a from-scratch built pro-quality keybed and key action mechanism that we developed over the past 14-months. The E-Keys uses an off-the-shelf keybed system shared among dozens of Chinese toy keyboard manufacturers.

not velocity sensitive
miniature size keys
spongy amateur keybed and key feel

64-step velocity sensitive
full-size keys
crisp pro-level keybed and key feel
I'd like to point out that many current Macs only have line-level [stereo] audio inputs so using a 3-buck mike will get you nowhere. Think this whole post should be rewritten as "I'm sorry for being a big grumpy pants, and dissing things without considering that not everyone in the world is me".
Yes, that's pretty much a fair assesment. I have been thinking that garagekeys thing a bit, and realising that I can't really spend half the time slagging off horrible cheap M-Audio shiny silver plastic, and the other half slagging off anyone who produces something that costs more than $10...
I suspect if GarageKeys had 24 more keys and was called LogicKeys, then I'd be desperately trying to find out if it would on my PC
GarageKey is compatible with Mac and PC. And it says on the packaging that it is familiar with all the important Sequencer Softwares - whatever that means. I'm definitely thinking about getting one and I use PC (...proud of it :D ).
If you want 3 octaves, full size keys, to fit on a small computer desk, there is no other choice... Garagekeys :)
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