Retro-geeks rejoice! All-new music software for the Commodore 64

This is Rob Hubbard, the British musician who game-music heads revere above all others for his work on the Commodore 64. He has this entire site dedicated to his life and work. Sample quote: "It is important to appreciate the enormity of Rob Hubbard's music and the mesmerising effect it had on the generation who grew up with it."
Rob must be celebrating, because Swedish programmers have just released new software for the Commodore 64 (originally released in 1982). The software emulates the Roland 303 (originally released in 1982). But it's taken 22 years (ouch!) to bring them together. It's called Prophet 64, and it also does Prophet 5 sounds. Chris from Analog Industries spotted it. He's running a 303 emulator on a C64 emulator on OSX, which is too many acronyms for me. UPDATE: Now I wish I'd used this picture of Japanese jazz guitarist/C64 hacker/P.diddy inspiration Ryo Kawasaki to illustrate this story. (Thanks Tommy Walker III [mp3 mixtape])

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