Pedal Steels, now available in carbon fibre and titanium

Well, buy me a Stetson and call me 'Dwight'. There's only one thing I want for Christmas, and it's a MSA Millennium Pedal Steel. Alan sent me a picture of his and, like anything made of titanium and carbon fibre, it's awesome. Unfortunately, I don't think I can stretch to $5995 for the full version, with two 10-string necks, eight pedals and five knee levers (must be a hell of a job to tune). They also make a nice noise, don't they?

As if pedal steels were not expensive enough already.
I just wish someone would start using them in downtempo trip-hop or something...
Brandon: You need a copy of Chill Out by the KLF
or Trouble in Paradise by BJ Cole on Cooking Vinyl, check out 'Elle Sait Ou Elle Va', a modern classic !
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