Nokia's top-secret VST plugins

Tommy Walker III has been learning how to make mobile phone ringtones, and he stumbled on this. It's the Nokia developers kit, which includes two VST plugins to simulate different models of mobile phone. One contains all the sounds available, the other models the speakers. As Tommy says: "Is this interesting? Probably not, but I just like the idea of being able to make my recordings sound exactly like they are coming out of a mobile phone." To test the thing out, I used a MIDI file of Radiohead's 'Paranoid Android'. Click to hear a N-Gage take on the intro, a Nokia 3200 doing the first choral bit, a Nokia 6650 doing the exciting bit in the middle and a Nokia 6100 rather mangling the spazz-out bit at the end. The plugins are free. Registration involves two separate email confirmations, but they don't seem to care who you are.

i like this one, let's you manage the channel allocation, making it rather useful for making ringtones (sp-midi), and the "aurilisation tool" is a nice lo-fi effect by itself. getting it made me want a better model phone though, "sucka mcs" doesn't sound right with no hand claps. i believe it only works in cubase.

nokia is pretty generous with the documentation and software. i just love the finns, as long as they're not making me do that "tip top tip top tippy tippy tip top" dance. ok, even then.
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UPDATE: The linked page is blank. I borwsed around the Nokie webpage but coundn't find them anymore. Does anyone know where I can find these VSTs? everything is on there, it might be hidden but everything you need it there.

i run a ringtones site and the guys who make the content for us test it all out on software we get from the nokia forums.
In case anyone is curious as to where to find the nokia audio suite since the link on musicthing is broken, here's a valid link:
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