No way, dude! We're the ugliest band you will ever see

Andrew Wanliss-Orlebar has taken up the challenge. I suggested that Songs from a Random House were the ugliest band I've ever seen. It was true then, but not any more. Andrew thinks these guys are called Reign, but doesn't know more than that. They're not this Christian rock group or this dude. If you're in the picture, get in touch!

Wow. I mean, just, Wow. Did these guys ever see the negatives? I am concerned that they possibly paid about $500 to get these done. Worse, they are handing them out to girls as we speak.

As a semi-professional rock expert and totally professional fan... this concerns me.
check out some swedish dance bands over at:
This should be a much music (or MTV) special...I can see it now: "the top 50 ugliest bands in history" my submission would be twisted sister... damn they're ugly!
"If you're in the picture, get in touch!"
If YOU were in that picture, would you get in touch? You'd have to be mad - as well as ugly!
Hmmm just googled the name this is what I got

"Four-member rock Band from South/Central Illinois. Currently playing a mostly
cover song show consisting of new music from groups like Nickelback, Creed,"
For more ridiculous band photos check out this place:
What's worse is that the 2 knobs on the left are the frontmen. What a trip. Possible names..... Meatloaf and the Donuts....Frank and the Beans...... Pork?????
Man, this looks like one of those tacky pictures people get taken of their kids in those cheesy strip-mall "studios."

I can't imagine anyone being, "yep, this is the look we're going for!"
I think staind is pretty ugly
I think that they all have the first name "Randy" (perhaps with different spellings, like Randee) and that's probably how they all met. Top 40 rules!
No photoshop in the stone age.
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