Moroder Week: Pt 6: The most famous bassline of all time

To do 'I Feel Love' properly, you need a gigantic Moog Modular. Fortunately, this helpful japanese site has a pdf which you can download to build your own. Out of paper.
I was planning to write a 'how to' guide, like they have in real music gear magazines, explaining how to do the bassline using free VSTs and stuff. Then I tried to do it, and it was much to hard. Fortunately, I'm in good company. Trevor Horn was obsessed by 'I Feel Love' when it came out, but didn't have the technology. Eventually, he hired a Moog at great expense and "couldn't get a bloody squeak out of it." (The trick? Half speed bassline + short delay)
In 1979, Giorgio said " It's nearly impossible to compose with a synthesizer. By its nature, improvisations are much easier, so I went into the studio and recorded "I Feel Love" as it was composed. All I used was an electronic bass line and an electronic drum. That's the big difference between normal and electronic recording.
Amusing people who have covered 'I Feel Love': Paedo-bait Vanessa Mae, Bronski Beat & Mark Almond who also used most of 'Love to Love You Baby', Blue Man Group (please don't click on that link), Songs from a Random House who are the ugliest band you will ever see, and Blondie, who played it live at the Hammersmith Odeon in 1980.

I think Curve also did a version - sample here.
Is anyone other than me disappointed that the paper cut-out Moog is in fact based on the Arturia rather than a real Moog? (Too bad I'm not completely crazy -- I could make a scale model, complete with patch cords . . . er, on the other hand, no.)

Speaking of people who truly have NO idea how to mimic 'I Feel Love', Bob Moog himself was at the Chelsea Art Museum last night and we got to clink glasses with him, though I was too shy to say anything of import.

Now, if only someone will do a proper Buchla softsynth . . . :-)
I think I'd have said "Thanks for buying all those google ads on my blog!"
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I'd like to call your attention to a typographical error. You obviously meant "the *sexiest* band you will ever see."

BTW, our version is entirely acoustic, with ukuleles, chord organ, viola, lap steel guitar, upright bass, bass drum, and shaker -- a musical pun on the original. There's a little bit of signal processing on the viola, but otherwise it's all studio-live with no effects.

PS - have you ever seen a photo of my composition teacher, Morton Feldman?
lesbian folk/country group Two Nice Girls did IFL sequed into 'Feel Like Making Love'. Awesome.
Kick ass canadian jam band "The New Deal" does a cover of it on their new album.
Don't forget "Future Lovers" by Madonna off the latest album. It is a rather obvious homage.
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