Moroder Week: Pt 2: How Giorgio invented dance music

This fantastically learned article explains how Giorgio Moroder invented the holy trinity of dance music:
  • In 1975, Moroder's label boss, Neil Bogart, played a copy of 'Love to Love You Baby' at a party at his house. The crowd demanded to hear it four times in a row, so he called Giorgio at 3am and ordered a 20 minute long version. The extended remix was born
  • That track, and more obviously 'I Feel Love', had a 4/4 kick drum, from a tape loop of a real drummer. The rhythm was much simpler than funk or disco, so white people (and even German/Italians with moustaches) could dance to it. Four-to-the-floor was born
  • "I Feel Love" was entirely electronic, and it was a 125bpm club record with a black woman singing over the top. House music was born (sort of)

  • Comments:
    Nice article, but there's a glaring error: no way was the 606 drum machine released in 1975, as implied in the section about "Love to Love You". I remember when it came out in the early 80s.
    He's right you know.

    maybe it was a TR-66?
    I see that the TR-66 has a cha-cha preset. I believe that drum machines went downhill after that feature disappeared.
    Yes, I think the bloke must have meant the TR-66:
    which did come out on 1975(I knew the Sound on Sound history of Roland would come in handy)
    But when I listen to 'Love to Love You', I can't hear any drum machine at all, at least not on the 4 minute version I have.
    The first programmable roland drum machine was the CR78: from 1978, although I guess you could use a modular synth and a sequencer to make drum patterns if you wanted.
    i feel slightly embarrassed that i'm geeky enough to know this, but [coughs] i think you'll find the paia programmable drum set, of which i am the proud owner, along with a whole load of other totally rubbish and yet utterly cool homemade paia gear, was the first programmable drum machine.
    Giorgio also did the soundtrack for a movie called "Over the Top", with Sylvester Stallone playing a competitor in arm wrestling championship.

    I caught the tail end of the movie and was wondering who did the soundtrack so, waited to watch the credits.
    i'm pretty shure that italian company
    EKO had programmable drummachines before paia and where used by tangerine dream in the early seventies.
    The bass drum in 'I feel love' was played live by Keith Forsey - who went on to produce Billy Idol (Rebel Yell, etc). Read that in an interview with Sparks.
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