McRorie, the one man band in a kilt

Kilt? Mullet? Chest-mounted hexagonal MIDI drum pads? Dual strap-on keyboards? Foot-mounted drum triggers? Huge selection of 80s hits? Fixation with German techno? Canadian passport? Intimate relationship with Celine Dion? McRorie has it all. You must must must watch his video. It is truly awesome. (From Kingblind)

There are too many wonderful things to say about this post/link. I have repeatedly watched this video in side-split fascination, partly taken by the skills (not musicality) demonstrated, but more overwhelmed that McRorie had no apparent urges to stop himself in the conceptual stage. McRorie Rocks! Thank you, Music Thing!
in France we had Rémy Bricka in the 70's, he was playing all sorts of instruments and even triggered fireworks while performing
This guy doesnt have shit on Captured! by Robots
I could only get to the twisted sister cover - and it made THEM sound good
Saw him as 2nd act with Beck- I thought he was very entertaining,has unusual talent- AND looks good in kilt :^)
That's my uncle. <3
The best version of Rappers Delight I have ever heard...
This guy doesn't have shit on Captured! by Robots you say?
Man are you ever lame this guy blows Captured by robots strait out of the water and at least you can here what he says when he sings not like robot shitty screaming because it sure isn't singning dum ass!
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