John Wood vs electronic music

There's a great story from LA Weekly about John Wood, a 53 year-old pianist who has launched a one-man campaign against modern music, making the fairly sensible point: “LL Cool J is Hulk Hogan” and distributing 'Drum Machines Have No Soul" bumper stickers, which are tragically snapped up by... drum-machine-using irony hounds. (thanks to Brandon for the pic!)

i saw this guy outside of Amoeba trying to give away these stickers. Everyone ignored him.
well... i took a bunch of these stickers from him outside of amoeba and i told him that i would cross out the 'NO' in the sticker and he wanted them back and i told him to fuck off....everyone's doing this...
I bought a drum machine and it brought out my inner drummer. Didn't know I had one. Now I get to play music with other musicians, sometimes in front of an audience. Before all this I just played the stereo.
of course they have a soul!They're just hard, cold and made of plastic and metal.

can someone tell me where I can get some of these?
I took the leap and called the number (I HATE phones) on the sticker and had the coolest phone conversation I've had in a while. Wish I'd recorded it for y'all. Quote:
"Hey man, great music is social revolution, and without it we're not going anywhere."
He's totally a leftover hippie, it's great.
He left me with this quote from Winston Churchill:
"You can fight an army, you can fight a nation, but you cannot fight an idea whose time has come."

Anyway, his tel. # is (323) 732-6160. Sells 'em for a dollar apiece plus a dollar shipping. Send him a check or whatever to:
John Wood
1808 1/2 Roosevelt Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90006
Hi folks. "Souls" don't exist in electric boxes nor in meatheads.
I play button accordion and use a drum machine as a glorified metronome. I respect your musical pastime but drum machines, masterbation and crappind should be done in the closet. ¿Qué no?
Nah, just joking, do what ever you want in public.
I'll decide which music has soul and which music does not has the listner, thank you very much. I don't some old geezer telling me which music has sould and which does not. "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder."
It is obvious (and sad) that there are so few musicians here. Music(ESPECIALLY music with Soul)comes from a human, the animal that drives it. Not a circuit board with solder.
As a drummer I can say, a drum machine is good as a metronome- and that is all.
I make fun (yes, it is fun) of the unintelligent ones listening to ... well that eMpTyV and z100 stuff by saying, "You like this?- Who is the drummer on this song, 'SONY' or 'Panasonic'?"
Any real MUSICian knows that a guitar player with a drum machine is just a "convenience" - watching that on stage is watching 20%.
Any MUSICian knows that music comes from the animal, within you, the heart- (the soul), Not from a circuit board with solder. This is obvious, but I see there are a lot of kids here.

As a drummer I can honestly say drum machines are good as metronomes- nothing else. (How synthetic can one sound!?)

Watching/listening to a guitar player with a drum machine is getting 20%.

Here is a big "Booo!" to the morans that say, "keepin' it real!" yet they are listening to a drum machine. ('drum machine' means, "fake drums".)

My favourite taunt to the slow kids listening to the eMpTyVee & z100 stuff is, "Hey, who is the drummer on this song, 'Panasonic' or SONY?!!!!!
Please listen to music people- and not a pre-programmed drum machine. Think a little Einstein!
You're confusing the issue by identifying a drum machine as something a non-drummer uses to pretend he is one. It's just an instrument. A drummer can play a drum machine. If the music comes from within the person's soul, then how can a box of electronics undo that?
Nobody's instrument is better than anyone else's. A guitar is not a more 'real' instrument than a synth, nor is a synth more versatile than a guitar. They are different, and they do different things, and in the hands of the right people, can do equally amzing musical things. Same thing with drum machines vs. real drums: each has its place. Drum machines sound crappy in metal, and physical drums sound like crap in psytrance.

The whole point of music is to communicate things that words can't say, and if you tell someone their way of getting their insides out is invalid cos you don't like their instrument, or their style, don't expect anyone to take your music seriously, either.
people with no soul expect their machines to have one.
Dear Drummer, Please practce and learn this drum part 'coz we have a show in two weeks, k? thanks.

Drum machines are musical straight jackets. Just because people find entertainment through listening to them does not give them any credibility. Anybody who depends on digitally sampled monotone thumps to create music is missing out on the versatility a good drummer with real percussion instruments has to offer.
It was new for me... however thnx for post!
all that matters is that there are a shite load of people making music who, without the aid of a drum machine, wouldn't.

it might be crap, but in my opinion, the more people exploring music, the better.

hail to the souless 303.
I just stumbled across this article. What a joke. Unless you whistle or sing or slap yourself, all instruments are made out of some kind of material. HELLO? Drums are made out of the same material as drum machines: plastic, wood (in vintage), metal. Who has the right to define a threshold that if it contains circuitry (designed and built by humans), it is no longer a musical instrument? Some of the most talented musicians I have heard don't care about the medium, anything is fair game. Radiohead is a prime example, a band often covered by expert classical musicians.

People dont use drum machines because they want to be a drummer. They use drum machines because they want to create complex rhythms that no drummer could ever dream of getting close to. Those who define constraints are only missing out. I feel sorry for those types.
Every response to this article on this page is misunderstanding the message of the sticker. IT'S NOT ABOUT THE FUCKIN DRUM MACHINES! It's about musicians, and what it means to be one.

Since the birth of music, people required skills to make it, just as a painting is made by a painter, someone who is talented in the area, an artist. Take Van Gough's self-portrait, scan it onto a computer, and Photoshop the hell out of it. It will look really cool, but it doesn't make the mouse-clicker an artist. So what if you can creatively use a drum machine, or a computer to create something with a beat. It may sound like music, sure, but it doesn't require a musician.

That’s the message of the sticker, that music coming out today, full of a powerful electro-percussive loops, isn't created by musicians, it's created by armatures. My grandma could roll her wheel-chair up to a turn-table and spin shit so hot it'd make kanye and fiddy both retire, but that wouldn't make her a musician, and nor is the dude making the beats to their songs. He's just someone who knows how to use a computer, getting paid to make 3-minute tracks comprised of elementary beats. What makes music good is the musician behind it.

This isn't coming from a nostalgic geezer bashing on anything that isn't soft, quite and old. It's coming from a 19-year-old 2nd generation musician who has some rap on his iPod. It's there because it serves a function; its easy to dance to, its easy to understand, and because the lyrics to NWA's, Fuck Tha Police are the TRUTHH, That's all. I don't listen because I think there's a brilliant mind, or a skilled drum-machinist behind it, because there isn't. It's shallow music that isn't made by musicians.

Maybe it takes a musician to see who really isn't, I don't know. Do what you like, listen to what you want, at least I'm not missing out.
amateurs rather.
So Drum machines have no "soul" eh? Did it occur to this guy that Record Players have no "soul" either? Sounds like we've got another technology-hating,naive, idealistic and wilfully ignorant aging Hippie Faggot who wants to turn back the clock a few centuries, or maybe a few thousand years.Truly PATHETIC.This loser needs to get a life, and a job and bath while he's at it!
John Wood rocks.
When we get to teh bottom of this thread and see "Hippie Faggot" - well, all that does is prove Wood is right. Music isn't about music any more, it's the boring, stupid boring soundtrack to the violent fantasy lives of hillbilly idiot boys, and it's about as much fun as being kidnapped by aliens and having a chop saw forced into your spine. BTW Mr. Honda CRX dipshit, recent studies prove homophobes are usually also woman haters like your criminal hip-hop idols, and that they respond sexually to images of naked men. Interesting, no?

Back to drum machines though: yeah, they're a tragedy on a global scale and no mistake. They are flattening out regional and national styles of music worldwide, the hip-hop nation is imposing its boring tinny-ass 4-on-the-floor tyranny on the whole world. total garbage, and people who think otherwise have no ears, end of story.
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