A frequency for every ailment

Thanks to Gabe for passing on this vast and bonkers page listing the effects on the human body of every frequency, from sub-bass rumblings (1hz is good for stimulating growth hormone) to musical notes (440hz is "associated with collarbones") to above human hearing (38khz is "used for bringing energies from other dimensions").

1Hz is also good for inducing epileptic seizures, at least when done as a light strobe (not so much so when it's a continuous compression wave).

Also, I was reading something on Wired where some wonk claimed that a 30Hz blast induces orgasm, and demonstrated this by blasting a random passerby with a 120dB blast of a 30Hz tone. She just kinda glared at him, which he took as validation because "she obviously knew what he was doing," as opposed to "she didn't appreciate being blasted with 120dB of bass rumble."
There was a South Park eposode where certain fequency would make you crap your pants. Of course its a bit nuts, but still interesting and a funny thing for a story line.

We could only wish to use fequencly to empower us to do amazing things. If the reactions where true then imagine how many things happen during a typical concert. (maybe that is why all the girls get horny!)
I tried the whole "brown noise" experiment...one of my friends offered to stand between two 18" subs while I played with a function generator...nothing happened
sorry mates. infra-sonic frequencies CAN actually make you shit in your pants. thats no "nazi-sonic-weapons-conspiracy"-horsepucky. it was very well researched. I will look up my studio machine, I remember I found a dissertation about the history of sonic weaponry from a physicist in dortmund or düsseldorf.

from what I recall the problem in this quite useful technology (and funny though) is simply that its so incredible unpractical! you need awesome amounts of watts.

however there is NO precise frequency where your intestine reacts, everyone's bodymass and sonic energy resorption grade is different but it seems that VERY loud audio waves (yes, louder then the fabric club in london) under 60Hz can make you shit in your pants. apart from other things. maybe it doesn't work if you ate enough chocolate and cheese....

I'll come back and post the link to this university document later.

bob humid
I crap my pants everytime I watch Keiji Haino play live. And he is playing really really loud!

Maybe that's it..
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