ESP Statue of Liberty Guitar: Is that proper?

There's much joy to be had from the ESP Custom Shop site (thanks James), but I was particularly taken by this Statue of Liberty guitar. Now I'm no expert on American culture, but isn't it a little bit, well, demeaning for the statue to be facing downwards? As an experiment, I wanted to see how the guitar might look in use, so here's a crudely photoshopped picture of Bruce Springsteen playing it. The statue's face is awfully close to... Well, let's just pray that ESP never make a guitar inspired by our dear Queen.

Well, she was a gift to us from the French.....
I actually hate things that are TOO patriotic... but this one just backfired. I was laughing so hard!!!
This is awesome. I want one shaped like Bush.
What would canada's be? a giant strip of bacon? Mmmm bacon....
Shut the hell up.
LOL the statue of liberty's giving the boss a blowjob!!!!
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