Cute Aluminium sound box for your Mac

So, things are really, really slowing down for Christmas Week. The most interesting story of the day is that Peter at Create Digital Music was right when the guessed that the mystery Apple lawsuit was all about their Asteroid sound card thingy. The most interesting product of the last couple of days is the Wetronome waterproof metronome, which is yellow and rubbery and pretty-much useless (unless you're a world-class swimmer, of course). So I've got to admire Harmony Audio for launching their kind-of-nifty-looking Firewire interface at such a dead time. No price yet, and pretty-much standard specs, but it does come in a nice aluminium box to go with your G5.

$299 for the box, Tom, which is a decent deal.

But oh, this thing is boring. No XLR ins or mic pres or phantom power for microphones, and while they show a guitar, those are line level ins only. 8 outs could be great for surround, but that's about it.

Instead, for $299 get the Lexicon Omega with 4 ins and 4 outs, great mic pres, and included Cubase LE audio software plug a plug-in version of Lexicon reverb. I'll be blogging that, probably tomorrow. Not new, though the software bundle is new. USB, but nothing wrong with that -- you don't need the FW bandwidth for 4 channels.

Or my M-Audio FireWire Solo is metal, too, more portable, has an actual mic in, an input with guitar impedence, simple but great interface for $200.

These other things just aren't that useful.

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This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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