Beards and music-technology pioneers

Dr Bing Klazenby writes with an inspiring idea: "I think Music Thing should consider investigating the importance of rubbish beards in pioneering music technology. I hope this site might be a springboard to such a feature.
"The trio of digital reverb pioneers [Mr Eventide, Mr Lexicon and Mr Ursa Major] looking like crosses between Open University lecturers and Charles Manson is a haunting image, I'm sure you'll agree. And surely those beards must adversely affect the early reflection patterns in these chaps' research studios?"
It's a worrying thought, Bing. Meanwhile, I've noticed that synth pioneers, at least Roger Linn, Dave 'Sequential Circuits' Smith and Bob Moog tend to be clean shaven and balding. What can it all mean?

too busy to shave
They are UNIX admins on their spare time. That is the only feasible explanation.
See? That's what happens when you work with the same people day in, day out, for a few decades....
The beards created a sort of anechoic chamber for these fellows, which lead them to the conclusion that everthing sounds far too dry. Thus, the need to invent artificial reverb was born!!!
Bless you my child
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