Where 80s poodle-rock guitars go to die

While everyone else has moved on to ironic plastic guitars and boring guitars, Justin from Algonquin, Illinois (that's him with Kelly from LA Guns and a polka-dot BC Rich bass with EMG pickups and a tremelo arm) is buying and selling and collecting the guitars that made 80s heavy metal. Not just blood-soaked pointy guitars but dozens of identikit Charvel, ESP, Ibanez and Jackson super-strats. His site is divided into guitars with Floyd Rose trems, and guitars without them. The highpoint, inevitably, is a skull guitar that he once sold to Randy Piper from WASP. One day, the Smithsonian Museum will swoop down on Angonquin and buy the whole collection for the Nation.

PRS guitars are truly boring. Just as boring as the people who play them (Santana)
PRS guitars are also utter planks that sound terrible. In fact the only person I can think of who makes them sound like the kind of guitar you'd expect for PRS guitar money is Carlos Santana.
True that. True that.
That's because you guys can't afford them
same old, same old......a 2000.00 guitar does not make you sound or play better. I will put up my 500.00 Michael Kelley Patriot Limited against any high dollar guitar made.
my vibe on PRS is it has to be a pre-factory. I have a 1991 CE Bolt and it sounds totally different and better than any modern PRS. The new ones really are planks.

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