What would Jesus use for FX processing?

You can keep your PodXT Live, I want a Jesusonic CrusFX 1000. Created by Winamp inventor Justin Frankel, it's a utterly awesome giant computer/pedal with a fantastically old-school DOS-style interface (he's also releasing a software version). Here is Justin's story of building the box - an epic tale of backlit keyboards and lots of sanding. (Thanks, Pheezy)

I use the Jesusonic VST (and another Cockos creation, Ninjam) and I'm surprised to read that the WinAmp guy Justin Frankel is involved in this? Is he part of Cockos?

This pedal is obviously goofy overkill physically but that VST is solid, very nice amp sims.
The link to Justin's story is a dead link.
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