Transatlantic Arp 2600 face-off

Fantastically exciting times in the world of computer plug-ins that sound like old synths. Last week I mentioned that Arturia are releasing an emulation of the Arp 2600 modular synth. Today, a company I'd never heard of, Way Out Ware, announced their TimewARP 2600, another recreation of the same synth. Arturia may be French, but they have a great reputation, and Robert Moog endorses their Moog emulations, but Way Out Ware (who are based in California) have Alan R Pearlman (the ARP in ARP) endorsing their product. Arturia's looks different, because it's based (visually at least) on the very chic 'Blue Meanie' model, and it has a built-in sequencer, which the TimewARP seems to lack. It's the kind of dilemma which only a very lengthy head-to-head review in Sound on Sound can possibly resolve.

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