Reason 3 - Now 85% less interesting

Inevitably, the mighty Sound on Sound have just got the real scoop on Reason 3. No VST instruments, no audio recording. The combinator will just let you save a chain of instruments and effects as one 'combi patch' (whatever that means), plus there will be some new sounds etc. Blah. UPDATE: Here are the full details from the Props website.

BAH! I am so sick of reason hype BS! I mean, reason was cute back in the day. But who cares!

Those crap synths, lame ass .rex files!? WTF! WHO has time to use .rex files?! let alone make the fucking things?!

Point: All music made with reason sounds like music made with reason!

point: They will never add VST. They are in love with their own effects and synths. All of them are well past they sell by date btw...

what to do?
Get Ableton live 3, game over reason fans.
game fucking over mate
the combinator is simply designed to allow for PHAT pad effects by combining 6 synths into 1... not that groundbreaking, indeed.

as for the comment about reason being crap and sounding like reason - what do you expect from something that costs £150? ableton's nearly twice the price, after all.

for the price, reason is brilliant. it's intuitive, easy to get started in, and responsible for getting loads of new people interested in music production. that's a good thing, right? :)
ps of course they'll never add VST - they're owned by steinberg, do you think steinberg will allow them to take the cubase market away? :|

reason would be cool with live audio in though. i don't see why they've not added it (live vocals through the BV52 thing would rock)
I'm not sure they're still owned by Steinberg - I know Recycle and possibly Rebirth were Steingberg-related products, but I think they went independent after that.
I wish they'd get it straight though:

From the article:

Quote 1

"Propellerhead make it clear that they see Reason as the software alternative to a hardware workstation synth"

Quote 2

"Another new module is MClass, a mastering suite featuring a four-band parametric and shelving EQ, a compressor/maximiser and a look-ahead limiter."

What the hell use is a mastering section on a "hardware workstation synth"?

Arseholes. Get with the program.

Don't get me wrong, I do like Reason, but I'm sure I use it like most people do, as a stack of useful VSTi's to rewire to Cubase and Ableton. As for the rest of it, I never touch it - although maybe the combinator might inspire me to use a few fx - vocoder - sampler chain setups, especially if I can actually save them (woo. Thanks, guys).

Always a shame - as Ableton Live keeps making leaps and bounds with each version, Reason is still stuck on version 1.03, regardless of what they choose to call it.

my 2p
I agree, boring -- but maybe Propellerhead didn't like this? The article appears to have been removed! The link is broken.

(did anyone cache it, etc.?)
I like it. It's just a new version of the program. They added more devices. What did you expect? Ground-breaking changes? It would be a new product, then. And I think the Props should someday make a product that can work well with live audio tracks, VST/VSTi, etc, but why Reason? If you need VST plugs so badly, use it in a ReWire host. Everyone says 'Well I /just/ use it as a complicated instrument, ho ho ho' like they're demeaning the product by doing so. You're not! It's half of its intended use.

Sorry it's so boring to you, but it's a new version of a product, not the second coming. Eesh.
For new producers and people just getting in to electronic music a $300 Software app doing everything we had to struggle with for years can now make a decent track during their lunch hour in the park... WELL HOW CAN YOU COMPLAIN?

After 20 yrs in Dance Music spending ridiculous money on Jupiters, Juno's, Korgs, DX7's, Roland TR Boxes, mixers, FX boxes and $$$$ on flippin' CABLES (lol)…

I found Reason to be an INCREDIBLE product ! Very useful.

Currently I compose and produce with Logic, many VST's , plugs etc and LOVE Reasons Drum Machine and rewiring in to Logic. Fantastic! I mean what more do you want?

Part of the problem here is everyone is waiting for the "next Big Thing.." well I believe the next big thing is no new genre's but QUALITY MUSIC. And its out there, everywhere. It’s just harder to sell and market your music cause everyone is doing it.

How’s this for perspective… release your music - a 12" - on your own label, pay for artwork, mastering, bad pressings, re-pressings, shipping and mailing costs, $1000's up front, then deal with distributors that take 200 or less, then don't pay or return phone calls, DJ’s who don’t fill out and mail stamped feedback forms, gigantic phone bills chasing everyone and NO INTERNET! … and maybe things will align a little better in your mind...AS FAR AS MUSICAL TOOLS GO WE HAVE IT MADE RIGHT NOW.

Be greatful. Be creative. You want miracles? Go spend some real money. You want audio editing? Go buy a dedicated Audio Editor. Or a serious DAW program.

Reason is not perfect - neither is Logic/Cubase/DP/ProTools - but they all rock and cheers to the Music Software developers!

DC, Boston, Since 1984 (Still firing on all 3 cylinders...)
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"wah wah... reason doesn't have VST!!!"

"wah wah... reason sounds like reason"

"wah wah... reason doesn't have live audio"

wah fuckin' wah

"all music made in reason sounds like it was made in reason?"

that's because of the people making it don't know what they are doing. they haven't the slightest notion how to utilize production gear to it's fullest and, more than likely, would have lackluster Cubase sounds and lackluster Pro Tools songs, too.

they were never owned by steinberg, per se... but i do think they got a hefty amount of money from them ... they were working on ReWire around the same time Steinberg was developing the VST standard... and i do have TONS of music books that KEEP refering to ReCycle as "Steinberg's ReCycle"... but i think that relationship is over.
The Reason Hater is a loser fool! LIKE THROWING PEARLS TO SWINE!!!!
Reason is cool as a Stack.

I would like to use VST in Reason cause personally I think its sequencer and automation controls rock. Also, the gate controls on the devices give endless fun. BUT I WANT TO USE THOSE GATE DEVICES TO TRIGER MY BETTER SOUNDING VST INSTRUMENTS, FUCKERS. I'm fucked off with having to press [+] in Cubase 1,000,000 times just to find the automation control I'm interested in appear in its list. Live is thankfully better at this and I'm getting into Live at the moment.

However, for now, I have to use the now old and tiresome CubaseSX (3) interface which is seriously too much fucking around, and use Reason in ReWire mode. Its a complete P.I.T.A.
Reason is a great program, i made some tracks and let some record company's listened to it. they NEVER said anything about the quality or crappy sounds sounding like software. They had some points about the way it was put together, but that's something else.
So please stop crying about Reason is bad, cause the only thing being bad is the one who is frustrated not getting out the quality music he wanted, but that is caused due the lack of production knowlegde. Good look with fruityloops..
Y'all dumb fools who complain about reason should shut their mouth.Ive been usin nuthin else but reason to make my beats since 4years and i LOVE have a easy interface,not easy but not so hard to get in this software.ive started with Fruity loops.I got a lot of refills too,if you wanna do something good get sums refills more i dont really use reason soundbanks.their good though,but i got so much with reason,get to know it.And if you see a new HipHop artist named ILL-1 or beatmaker whatever,thats me,and i use reason,and i trust my lust for music!!PEACE to all the music makers all around the world!And reason Rock!
This Reason hater...heh heh..
It ain't what kit you got son , it's what you do with.
To quote ' all music made with Reason sounds like music made with Reason '... hmmmmmm really.
With me being a DnB producer all i can say is check out guys like High Contrast,Nu-Tone,Logistics and the real sick boy on the block 17 yr old Limewax ( now these guys KNOW how to use the program ).

oh an' btw , your milks nearly ready..but you got to have your nappy changed first...heh heh
It needs VST's but if they do put it in i dont see how they would implenent them because of the way it comes up with all those little bits to plug wires in and out of and stuff...

Also VST's work in lots of other programs like Buzz and its free!

Apart from that Reason 3 is a very good peice of software.
...been using Reason since day one & fucking with wiring & trying new shit - my boys have at least 8 Drum & Bass choons signed @ the moment & rising (on the likes of L Plates, Function, Bassbin) all from Reason & some Mackie's. I have just got my hands on Ableton 5 & I must say, with Reason runnin through, I can't wait to hear what I will write in 2006!

It's in your ears - I still see choons get sold that are made on fast tracker.

ofcourse, Reason is Reason.
it's all in one and thats the best thing about it -- it's less of a mess and you can handle a lot of machines and cables with ease. also, the integrated automation works great and the sound is ok -- "Reason sounds like Reason" is a foolish statement, since the app is deep enough to let you shape your sound by the setup.

ofcourse, i'd love to have new detailed synth in there tho, as well as quite some extra functions in sequencer but all in all, i can realize my musical vision, and that is what counts. i just sit down and get lost in sound and groove.. Reason delivers!
ermm if reason is good enough for the prodigy to do there last album on then i think it good enough for the rest of us.
I agree that the majority of people slagging off reason are old dinosaur producers who are pissed off that it is much easier to make music now than when they first got into it..they're jealous, & scared of being left behind.
I've used Cubase, Pro tools and Reason . . . and I have to say they all have there little bits that If you mixed together would create the perfet music making software . . . but for simplicity, easy access and unlimited channels what more can you ask for in Reason (apart for VST being included) If it was'nt for Reason I would'nt be realizing my dream now.
All Reason needs is VSTS, A slightly improved Sequencer, and Audio in, and it would be the end all be all.
something called talent goes a long way,like hitting tin cans and it sounding like the best thing youve ever heard....people, you need to use every program you can get hold of...if you suck then you just suck, but, hey, you might get to goto hollywood if you have TALENT
Jesus, if you complain about it all day instead of delving deeper into what you are given you will never learn anything.

If you REALLY want a reason track with live instruments, FINALIZE the track in reason, convert to mp3 or wav (whichever you prefer) and then just dump the final mix into a program like Acid.


Then just track Live guitar, bass, percussion, vocals, WHATEVER YOU LIKE right over the file and mix it accordingly. If you think it will not have the same audio fidelity, thats probably because the system you are using is cheap.

Think reason is no good? AFI just used it on their newwest album (Decemberunderground) on the track "Love like Winter". It most certainly sounds like AFI and not a 'reason track'.

get some talent, you little fuck.
Hold on to your digital horses, cowboys. I'd like to remind you all what Mozart did with pencil and paper. This thread does not give respect to the tool, Reason 3, or the people who use it. A good composer can write a symphony on anything from a napkin to a C-64. As much as I want VST, I don't blame them for keeping it streamlined. It doesn't crash, like Acid Pro 6 with full blown NI Kontakt. Reason 3 is an inspring and very powerful tool. Using Recycle with Dr. Rex honestly just blows Acid out of the water. Take any loop and slow it down 50% and you will see why Reason wins. While I appreciate what Propeller and Sony are doing, I give Reason the usability and stability award. Sony just made a huge mess and the software is buggy. I see Cubase + Reason as a limitless platform. Reason reflects what is possible with technology. Other products are driven by bottom lines and executives who want to plan features. If they ever add VST to Reason may they do it right, the first time. Cheers!
Wire Reason into cubase or Ableton and rock vsts all over you Reason track.
Doesn't matter how many tools you have, someone in a little bedroom will be dropping sick shit using an 808 and a synth. Period.
People don't like reason because it takes time to learn how to actually use a synth and make orginal useful sounds. VST is a good idea, but most of the time it ends up breaking. reason isn't suppost to do stuff that other software can do better - live recording for example, why would they spend time working on something serious users will just end up useing cubase for? Reason hype is around because it's good software(doesn't ever break), and good stuff has been done useing it.
Most of these reason bashers are just ableton fanboys with no talent.
You people who claim to be artist don't use this application/instrument to it's full potential. Those of you who really produce music show atomatically know how much you can do with such an app. Rewire is just one of its under-rated features. You jerks need to study your trade or continue to make wack s***...
Get onto FL Studio guys! Reason has made a name out of nothing. Some might like it, but FL Studio has catched and is almost one step ahead than other DAWs.

A contest was made to see who can produce a pre-briefed track fastest on their DAW of choice, FL Studio won in all of them.

Benchmark on sound quality showed all DAWs to produce the same sound based on the same samples. What makes DAW's differ in terms of sound quality, are the effects and synths you use, and if you are using something like Hypersonic, it doesn't matter what DAW you will use, the sound will be the same.

FL studio is catching up fast, and other DAW producers need to take a look at FL Studio to innovate. FL Studio produces more hit results on youtube than any other DAW.
ALOT OF DUMB ASS COMMENTS.. oh GET ABLETON CAUSE IT COST's MORE.. if u know how to use can make it sound however you want. god IDIOTS who of coarse arent making anything good and just complain that Reason sucks wha wha And "the combinator is simply designed to make pads??? WTF wow seriously dumb asses
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