Reason 3 is on the way

No music company does hype like Propellerheads. On Sunday, tiny weird graphics appeared dotted around their site, which eagle-eyed-geeks started collecting here. By Tuesday, the geeks had assembled the picture above- a new bit of Reason 3 called 'Combinator', with the message "This modest device will change Reason forever!!!". Now, they're all wondering what the thing is for (recording audio? playing VST instruments? Some kind of boring thing to combine bits of different synths?) Then, yesterday, Propellerheads put a post on their home page asking for Beta testers for Reason 3. Cynics might say that every other company in the world manages to find beta testers without advertising for them on the home page, but I'm not a cynic...

Great scoop!

Now . . . what the heck is it, anyway?
My feeble ideas posted at createdigitalmusicIt does seem to have something to do with, uh, Combinating patterns, MIDI, and CV. Could make for wild synced patches without cabling.

I will defend their beta test decision; I think Propellerhead has done public beta in the past. So have some other developers (Ableton being one, though very late in the cycle). It depends on how much you want to wrangle all these random beta testers together, and whether you find that useful.

Now, scattering screenshots in little tiny pieces around your website -- that's publicity. ;-)

I just can't WAIT to Combinate! Combinatorate! Combi . . . never mind.
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