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Yes, it's Steve Porcaro from Toto. There's really nothing not to like about this picture, from the nylon shell-suit trousers to the picture of Einstein, who I'm sure has inspired Steve deeply. Yes! Looks to me like that's even an oscilloscope by his leg. The picture comes from my new favourite website ever in the world, which is here. It's a slightly mysterious Spanish site called 'Sanctuaries' with page after page after page of cool photos of geeky people sitting in amazing studios. My favourite is this picture of Vince Clarke, which actually does make up for all the times I've had to listen to awful Erasure records on the radio. But can someone remind Brian Eno that it's about the gear, not the music? (Thanks, as ever, to Tommy Walker III)

Is anyone else here disturbed by the number of pictures of Vangelis?
I hope not, I'm planning a Vangelis special, mainly because there are so many pictures of ol' beardy in front of mountains of fancy gear...
Good work - it's been a while since I last listened to Vangelis. A friend of mine (tuba player, would you believe) had an excellent album, something about a city?

Anyway, been on the site for several weeks now, and it's already made it to a twice-a-day level. Hmmmmm.
Brian Eno looks like Fatboy Slim in that picture!
Nice glasses steve!
Eno seems to have an obscure Prophet VS in the bottom-right, which compensates a bit for the bare space in his room; the people who made it went on to make the Wavestation for Korg, and there are VST emulations of both VS and Wavestation.
Jon Anderson & Vangellis called one of their collaberations 'the friends of Mr Cairo'
Did you know that Vince Clarke is moving to America and selling ALL his studio gear on eBay? True. Check out the link

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