Open-source digital stompbox. From Belgium.

Even though there are a dozen better and easier ways to do a similar thing, I love the idea of Miss Parker, a Belgian open-source digital stompbox. They've built a box containing the same DSP chip that's in an Alesis Ion. The idea is that you download a patch and turn the box into a phaser pedal. Get bored of that, and you can turn it into a moog filter. Obviously all the knobs can be programmed to do anything you like. So far they’ve built just five prototypes, and no word yet on if they'll ever be commercialised.

justin frankel is also poised to unleash the jesusonic. --pheezy
awesome. i've wanted a VST pedal like this for quite a while. i wonder if it is capable of taking a pulse or Acoustic Mirror reverb like is in SoundForge...
If this thing runs Pluggo or a VST wrapper for CSound smoothly, the possibilities are pretty astounding.
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