"My grandpa made Johnny Ramone's guitars"

Tyler wrote after seeing the triple neck guitar story, to say "Wow, very few people know my grandpa, Semie Moseley, made the first triple neck and he isn't credited for it very often." Tyler's grandpa (that's him in 1988) was the founder of the Mosrite guitar company. I asked Tyler what life in a legendary rock'n'roll family was like:
     "As far as being a part of the Moseley family, it was nothing spectacular. I was probably only 8 years old when he passed. My Grandma and Semie divorced when my Mom was young.      "The advantage is my mom has a custom one of a kind Mosrite painted pink with some graphics of peacocks and stuff...it is a hot guitar to say the least. My aunt has one as well, hers is from the Gospel Series [like the one Kurt Cobain played] and is painted pearl white.
     "I have never met any of The Ramones, or the Ventures for that matter, but my aunt and mom have been on tour with my grandpa several times and have lots of great stories to tell about it."
Do you know anyone from a rock'n'roll family? Is Leo Fender your godfather? Write and tell!
ps: Tyler's blog is here.

I live in Bakersfield, CA and used to get my amp serviced by Sanner who was a former employee of Mosrite. He was a great guy but he just retired. I really don't think the musical history of this town gets enough credit. Sanner made a bunch of those Fuzzrites a few years back and sold them through front porch music (where apperently the largest mosrite collection in the world is??)
Born & raised in Bako. I took a trip to Reno (1978ish) with Semie's daughter Dana Moseley & grandson Brian (who knew the Ramones well), caught the end of his wedding & met him & his bride. Did not know of his fame at the time. He taught Dana everything she needed and she has finally returned to California to continue the family trade. Moserite of Calif. is back!
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