Music is just blobs in a psychedelic orb

If you liked the look of Audiopad a few weeks back, and you've got a Mac, then you might enjoy Sonasphere. Created by Japanese musician Nao Tokiu, it's a 'music environment' - you create blobs in 3d space - each blob can be a sample player, an AU effect, or a mixer. Then you can set the blobs to move about, and things get very complicated. As you've probably guessed, I haven't played it myself (I don't have a Mac at home), but the videos are really amazing looking - the blobs aren't static, they're moving about in this amazing iTunes visualisation-type 3D pulsating globe. Anyway, have a look, and let me know if it's any good.

Sonasphere is interesting so far. hard to keep from crashing. to be honest, i'm very new at making music, even newer to doing it on a computer. the idea of programming something then pressing "play" has never appealed to me very much. as a result, i've spent some time looking for something as visually and spacially oriented as this. i've actually been pumping fairlight samples into it, but i'm having to cut them down to the raw loops and that's taking time. i'll be posting an MP3 if i come up with anything interesting.
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