Italians build huge sub-woofer tunnel out of bricks

See this picture? Looks like some speakers in a corridor? That's not a corridor, it's the biggest sub-woofer in the world, built by mad people in Italy out of bricks in the basement beneath the room where they listen to music. There are 16 Eighteen-inch subwoofers in a one meter high tunnel built underneath what they call "the geatest AUDIO ROOM for private music listening of the world". This wonky diagram explains how it works, roughly. What's extra cool is that they have a studio in the room, with a drum kit, amps and guitars. But how do they decide who gets to be bass player? (Thanks Peter)

I read orig document:
Interestingly they power it with an 11watt tube amp. (yes-ELEVEN watt - not Kw)

That level of acoustical coupling efficiency is making me reconsider horns as a way to get deep bass...
Yes, with proper design - instead of random speaker placement - you don't need very much power for the same level of sound. Bear in mind the whole room is tuned.

Did you see the spec on the subwoofer, 100db of sound per 1 watt?? I didn't read the rest, but I'd say the other speakers are as good or better sensitivity wise. Just a couple watts and they'll blow you away.

I've read quite a bit on 60's era "tuned listening rooms" like this, and it's much the same - most had no more than 25 watt amps because they simply weren't needed.

I can see some of the "Thumper Kids" looking at the 11 watts and falling on the floor laughing though, since they're running 5 kW in their car and can barely hear it because they're deaf. heehee

Good page, that Italian page, gotta bookmark it.
Yeah, more megabass, that's what we need.

So, is anyone else getting a little tired of this stupid anti-musical obsession?
he SUBwoofer AMP is still a 100+100 Watts S.S. Amp by Roberto Delle Curti
this is soooooo awesome, I actually had to read it all.

I'll do something like this in the future...
Wow.. More cowbell!
Back in the 1950'sand 60's, audiophiles used mono systems powered by 5 watt Macintosh tube amps with Klipschorn folded horn speakers. Klipschorns are 50% efficient, meaning that 5 electrical watts produced 2.5 watts acoustic energy. This produced concert volume (LOUD!!). Tube amps produce considerable usable audio over and above their RMS rating. Tube distortion is pleassant and easy on the ear. Transistor/solid state amps go almost immediately from maxRMS into clipping, which sounds fingernails-on-the-blackboard terrible. You need a HUGE SS amp to produce the same usable level. Ask any competent guitarist about"tube watts" vs "transistor watts". The speakers the kids use in their ghettomobiles are often 0.05% efficient.

Folded horns use the walls and floor of the room as the final portion of the bass horn, and require a room large enough to develop 40' long wavelengths for 30 Hz bass. Sorry, dude, but it won't work in your Hyundai.

-IronMan Mike Curtis
this is a megabass!!
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