Guitars Shaped Like Guns: UPDATE

You might remember a post a few months back about Guitars Shaped Like Guns, in which I was unable to find a picture of Peter Tosh's M16 guitar-gun. Well, 'Collin' has got in touch, with the relevant pictures and the full story: "After his short-lived stint with The Rolling Stones, Peter got his solo career back on track. During his 1983 tour of Europe Peter unveiled a new instrument to fight against injustice. That instrument happened to be an early 70's Fender® Stratocaster® which he which he had carved into the shape of an M-16 rifle. When interviewed, Pete said of his new instrument: 'This guitar is firing shots at all them devil disciples. Music is my weapon to fight against apartheid, nuclear war and those gang-jah criminals.'"

What a retard, butcher a 70's strat like that, really that is just SAD!
I reckon it's awesome. It's not just a tool for music, it's art.
anonymous: better than what Jimi used to do to those strats...
That`s right. Some think it is cool to brake the quitars, but if someone make something like this he is retard??? Anybody with a gram of brain would see clear message this guitar have.
I just saw that Guitar last week in Jamaica. Apparently it will be auctioned at the Flashpoint Film Festival in Negril Jamaica next month.

I guess Peter Tosh used it to "kill them with music" Bob Marley

Wicked guitar
You guys have no respect for his pollitical statement he made with that guitar
He didnt do it to be cool.
It was a pollitical statement.
His message was so powerful the crooked "shitstem" of Jamaica assasinanted him on september 11, 1987. RIP
Before Peter Tosh there was no one like him and after there will be no other,he was the music itself,his music and memory will be always with us.Bless-up to all his fans and admirers worldwide.Jah-rastafari liveth every time zeen.
jus listen to the lyrics
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