Ebay of the day: Seiko Drum Machine Watch

"Oh my God... I think I've just seen the best thing in the world", writes Tommy Walker III. He's just spotted this Seiko digital watch / drum machine, currently going for £28, but with six agonising days to go. "Arrghh!!!" writes Tommy. "You got any money? Get it!"
I think I played with one of these years ago, and remember it being great-looking (it has a second, LED, display on top) but hopeless. In the days before super-powered tiny mobile phone speakers, it sounded like a drum machine playing through someone's walkman headphones in the room next door. Still, it does look great (why don't real drum machines look like this?), and this website about the watch: a) Is in Japanese, b) Contains pictures of the watch after it's been taken to bits, c) Also has a picture of a matching yellow Lamborghini Countach. Sweet!
UPDATE: The watch went for £400! That's the power of blogging, I guess. Sorry, Tommy...

I just stumbled over this beauty, browsing the archives. This think is like the cooles drum computer ever! I don't care how it sounds, this would be my main drum machiene if I had one, but I think I'll have to win the lottery to be able to justify 400£ for an 80' seiko watch :)
ahh man does anyone know where else I can buy this watch? as most can guess its DAMN HARD to track down, this retro watch seems to have just as well vanished off the face of the earth...these companies should re invest in the new niche, come on seiko!!
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