Ebay of the day: Moog Taurus Bass Pedal

I had no idea how great Moog Taurus II bass pedals looked, with that whole superfly/mad-professor thing (the Taurus I was floor-mounted and boring - but supposedly sounds better). They were used by every band who felt that their bass player was slacking off by only playing with his hands (I'm pretty sure John Paul Jones must have used them, and Rush were mad for 'em). This example from 1974 is still waiting for a first bid of £500, being sold by a chap in Northampton who's also getting rid of all his furniture. Of course, if you're feeling cheap, Hollow Sun have a collection of free Taurus samples.

ooh! that's a thing of beauty!

it has something of the moog rogue about it, no?

which in turn gives one an indication of how bob likes youto pronounce his name.
As used by the Scorpions on their Love at first sting long player. Have a listen to 'Rock you like a hurricane'.. Can you hear it? Can you??
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