Ebay of the Day: MAM SQ16 Sequencer

Hardware sequencers have been dying a death since Cubase was invented in 1980-whatever, but regular Music Thing contributor Tommy Walker III swears by his MAM SQ16, and I'm intrigued. Essentially, it lets you program anything at all using the Roland 808/909 16-keys-with-flashing-leds system, which I've always liked - Reason's 'Redrum' uses the same system. (Proper geeks call it XOX). Eagle-eyed Tommy also spotted David Vorhaus recommending the Zyklus sequencer, a fantastically rare and cultish British sequencer which lets you trigger midi sequences from a midi keyboard (once again, it's a bit like Ableton Live). The only other person who uses a Zyklus seems to be Vangelis, which can't be a bad thing.
Anyway, there's MAM SQ16 for sale on German Ebay (the guy will post to anywhere in Europe). With 3 days to go, it's just £60. More info here, and the SoS review here.

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