Ebay of the Day: Instant vintage guitar collection

It's hard to see how "phil5fac" can possibly be doing the right thing, selling 20 vintage 1970s Fender guitars as a job-lot on Ebay, although with five days to go, they're already at £7,100 (or £355 each). So, if you're going through a really spectacular mid-life crisis but can't be bothered with wandering up and down Denmark Street, then today is your lucky day. Alternatively, if you really have won the lottery and are clinically insane, you might want to bid for 101 Pianos (They're currently in Long Beach Island, but would be happy to ship them to Asia or Europe). They're still waiting for a starting bid of $195,000 (which is almost $2,000 each).

Fyi, Long Beach is not the same as Long Island.
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