Ebay of the day: BugBrand Punch Weevil

The BugBrand Punch Weevil is a fantastic-looking handmade synth, built in Bristol by musician Tom Bugs. The most interesting thing feature is the twelve Body Contact Points on the front of the cigar box. They're brass screws which you touch to make a circuit through your fingers for extra weird bloopiness. The Weevil is powered by a 9v battery and it sounds bonkers, obviously (if you can't afford a synthi then this will make all the squawking, blooping noises you'll ever need). He's only made two other Punch Weevils like this one, so your mates definitely won't have one. Bidding starts at just £95, and he's also selling a bigger, uglier Mecha-Weevil here.

I've Just bought this badboy on ebay,
Just paid for it,
will be coming soon
I'm gonna cream my pants when it arrives!
I'M SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!
whoa- £195, i wonder if its worth it?..............................
I will report back soon!
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