The Continuum Keyboard: Strange and expensive

If you've ever been frustrated that you can't play between the notes, then the $5290 Continuum Keyboard is for you. It's a fretless keyboard - you can play any note, and change the sound of the note by moving your fingers up and down or left and right. It was invented by Dr Lippold Haken, a German-born second-generation geek who plays the viola, programs computers and used to drive a VW Camper Van. The Continuum Keyboard is designed to work with the Kyma Sound Design System, a weird self-contained music computer that you hear on film soundtracks making 'the 80ft tall robot is sucking my intestines' noises. It costs $3470. (Thanks to Tommy Walker III)

SWWEEEEEEEETTTTTTT!!!! i thought i just invented it but there it is! Anyhow, ...
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