The best gun guitar yet

Joel from Gizmodo is on a trip to Japan, and he spotted this marvel in a shop for 80,000 yen (£410). Don't resist Joel! Buy it and your life will be better! (More gun-shaped guitars)

we should buy that as a MT mascot! i'll chip in a ton, who's with me?
Actually, I saw this guitar in Okinawa, Japan for around 40,000JPY. Much cheaper than what is shown here. for is sale !!!
I meant " is for sale "
Cool site name, If I had the cash, I'd grab it, seller wants only 2K I think.
i want to buy this guitar, if anyone knows where i can get this please email me at i must have it.
That's the gun from mobile suit gundam (the first series). It's sick. I want one now too.
The gun is a gutted AR-15 (M-16)... Halfwit... theres a guy in bogota columbia that makes them out of AK-47's
lol the gundam beam rifle
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