Ten Triple-Neck Guitars

1. The first ever triple-neck guitar was build by Semie Mosely of Mosrite [click]
2. British Bass builder Wal made a truly vile triple neck in 1974, which passed through the hands of a couple of prog-rockers [click]
3. Steve Vai popularised the triple neck with his ridiculous heart-shaped guitar in the David Lee Roth 'Skyscraper' video [click]
4. A triple ukelele [click]
5. John Paul Jones had to play everything in Led Zep while Jimmy Page was doing solos. This is how he did it [click]
6. Cowboys can be as scary as clowns (if they're playing a triple neck guitar) [click] (scroll down)
7. Rudy has a collection of hideous guitars, including the fire triple neck by Christopher Woods (above) [click]
8. A hideous 'Career' guitar in Germany [click]
9. A mingin' Galveston, for sale on Ebay for $799, going tomorrow [click]
10. Some kind of triple neck violin art thing [click]

Wow, very few people know my grandpa (Semie Mosely) made the first triple neck and he isn't credited for it very often. :)
You cannot forget Pat Metheny's Pikasso, made by Linda Manzer. Classic wankery. We've got it over at burstblog.wordpress.com
This would be much cooler if even half the links worked
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