Soviet synths are go!

Reading the story on Sonic State today about a new sample CD of Soviet vintage synths reminded me of something I've spotted looking for Ebay of the Day stories: There's a hell of a lot of weird Soviet music stuff out there. Astrasound, a shop on Dutch Ebay, seem to have a big stock of vintage analogue effects, like this awesome-looking analogue guitar multi-effects pedal for $349, and this tape delay for £239, which looks like something out of the control room at Chernobyl. It looks like the items are dead stock, shipped direct from the factory in Russia, but you can't be sure. Then there's This guy, who seems to be operating from Riga in Latvia, selling a Czech guitar amp, a Ukranian rackmount compressor and a Russian drum synth. Everything you could ever want to know about Soviet Synths is here.

Man, go and see this - English section is okay, so you might like it.

hails from .ru,

In Soviet Russia, the synthesizers play YOU!
I recently got an altair synth which (after some servicing) is squaking, farting and bleeping very nicely thankyou.
Interesting (or slightly insane) results can be had from running guitars and other noise making machines through the external input (triggering the filter etc.)
One slightly annoying thing is that v. few russian synths have CV or MIDI.
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Hi all

Theres some cool, software emulations of classic Russian synthesizers here (including the polyvoks pictured above)that are in VST format so you can use them in Cubase SX etc.... cant download them, cos the links dont work

the good news is, you can now get them here :-D

the Password is vintagesynthexplorer

Those VSTi's can't compare with the real thing. Believe me, I live in Minsk,Belarus. And I have some of these synth in real: Polyvox, Altair231, Maestro,Rmif Elsita Drumsynth, so if some is interested to know more about them feel free to contact.
p.s. Visit my myspace there you can listen to polyvox in action, I use it on every track, and onthe track digitalk it's used for bass and robot-speach like sounds.
forgot to give a link to myspace%) )
The russians used to have a different way of doing stuff. the ultimate example of this is the A.N.S - a one off drawn - sound synth. utterly beautiful to listen to and to use. here's the wiki (most of which i wrote. ahem.)
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