The rise and fall of the mighty boombox

Mikey wonders if Pocket Calculator's Boombox Pages fall under the remit of Music Thing. Well, they're full of geeky information about 80s boomboxes and pictures of hip hop people and old ladies carrying crappy Sanyos. And there's a 'future' page with a mocked up Sony Boodo Khan boombox. So... yes, they do!

I wouldn't trust that site's spelling: I think it's 'Budokan' (cf:Massive Attack, 'budokan headset')
Oh Mikey. Oh dear, dear, dear.

Take a look at this picture:

Second from left?
well there you go then.

that's island music's lyrics transcribers all sacked then.

oh. hang on. they already have been.

in thir defence, though, there is a big gig in Tokyo called the Budokan . Cheap Trick played there, and Bob Dylan, whoever he is.
There's a great picture of the original kit (little walkman, big headphones) here:
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