The man with four Fairlights UPDATE

You might remember my post from a while back about Philip Taysom - the guy featured in Sound on Sound with the most incredible collection of vintage gear ever. I asked the question: "Who is Philip Taysom? Why does he have four Fairlights?", and wriggled out of answering the second question. Fortunately, he got in touch, to answer it for me:
"The reason I have four Fairlights? I bought a Series IIx which was damaged in transit from the US. So I searched for another, only to purchase the very machine I used at Paradise Studios in 1984 from a chap who'd restored it in LA. Then I purchased two Synclavier PSMT's from Chick Corea - one of which I kept, the other I traded for a Series IIIMFX Rackmount which is the rarest Fairlight of all. Then, someone contacted me from the US with a Series III and large library they needed to be rid of fast - the $ rate was good so I bought it. It's taken me two years to repair the original II that was damaged in shipping and I haven't the heart to part with it - the Series III I might sell one day."
He also explains the motives behind his collection: "I try and buy gear that needs repairing and we re-build it (I hate seeing things die). I travelled to France to buy the *only* 60 module RSF Series 11 modular - it's going to take two years to repair it but we've made a start."
Thanks, Philip!


I read the article and noticed he was after a Movement Drum Computer. I have a MKII but no software.

I would like to contact him to see if he wants to add to his collection.

Could you pass on his email to me? Or send him an email on my behalf?


PS this kind of thing is more like detective work than music!
I'd be interested in hearing some of the masterpieces he obviously must be churning out day after day...
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