I don't care what it does. I want it!

No, I don't have any use at all for a mobile 8 channel 120gb hard disk digital recorder, recording at 24/96 for 15 hours on the internal battery, with waterproof faders, huge aluminium knobs and a built-in DVD burner. I can't imagine any time I'd want to use a bluetooth PDA to control the internal mixer routing. And I certainly don't have £10,000 to pay for it. But... [mute puffs of 'look at that' astonishment] I'd always suspected film-makers had the best kit in the world (after the military, of course), and it looks like I was right. More. Makes this post a couple of weeks ago look at bit lame, doesn't it?

Drool... I want one too, although I'd have even *less* use for it! Looks like a Humvee.
looks like something you'd see in either an Alien film or Bladerunner.
It's some kind of engine block with dials...no, it's an armoured 8-track...some sort of doomsday device? Does it run on steam? Where does one shovel the coal? Does one have a sherpa to carry it?
nah, just a $500 shoulder strap made of hemp.
Now I know why all all other recorders seemed to be half-cracked.
good lord that is the ugliest hunk of equipment ive seen since the panasonic toughbooks or maybe those rat bikes, I want one
Only prooves the Roswell event realy did happen.
Picked mine up in White Sands NM back in the early 50s guess that's proof enough for me. Worth ever dime I paid for it
damn! I just want a nice portable 2 channel digital recorder with nice meters for about $200.00

Not too much to ask. But I'm open to take this one as a gift :o)

I googled time travel and found a link to this.
I'm surprised the Klingons haven't shown up to demand their property back.

And yes, I want one too!

Thats soo perfect for me its not funny... I need to do location audio for a diving video magazine and water proof, battery powered blue tooth capable dvd burning couldnt be more perfect... The price is a kick to a very delicate area though
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