DIY Week: Pt 5: Build your own synth

Here's how to build yourself an analog mono synth with £60 and an old cigar box:
  • Visit Ray Wilson at Music from Outer Space
  • Send him $30, and he'll send you a printed circuit board for a tiny battery powered monophonic synth. Details
  • Spend some time at a fantastically geeky site like All Electronics or Maplin buying the other components. The whole thing should cost $30-$60. Apparently pots are the expensive bit. Don't get distracted
  • Find a case. This is the fun bit, judging from the gallery
  • Assemble
  • Play!

  • Comments:
    Nice, i'll have to attempt to make one of these..

    Cool...Hard to build...First diy project???
    It's not too hard if you buy the PCB. It cost me about £100 all in all, but I did get the parts from a place that kinda ripped me off, lol.
    ok total noobie here, if i built one of these, what about the keys? what would u need to make it work? like a keyboard or something like that?
    it will play by itself.
    you need a cv keyboard there are plans on the site for one

    or you can just use it for ambent and noize on its own
    It says "buy the other components", what are they?
    I know nothing about electronics. Is that a problem, or can I figure it out?
    The synth creates it own sound. You just change the sound of it using the knobs and stuff.

    The other components are the resistors, pots, etc. It gives you links to buy them online.
    No seriously, can you add a real keyboard to one of these things?

    I already use a Microkorg synth, so I don't need any extra noisemakers. I'm just curious to see if I can build my own simple monosynth, with maybe a 12 key scale (to hit all twelve notes in an octave).

    Would this be possible? The real hook for me is being able to build my own casing for it. But if it's just going to be another "twist knobs and make sounds" thing, I don't know if it's worth the time.

    So let me know, anyone.

    yes, you def can add a keyboard.
    Look for 1V/Octave mod, which maps voltages to an octave. It's pretty easy since Ray provided a quick mod for it.
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