Disturbingly hygenic-looking guitar amp

I can't help thinking that the whole Apple shiny white thing is starting to get a bit icky. JamPlug is a tiny guitar amp, built into a slightly overgrown jack plug. I haven't heard it, so I don't know how it sounds, but that styling is really worrying me. Something about the shiny, cheap-looking plastic, the bulbous shape and the slightly bizarre pictures of girls in low-cut-tops crouching over guitars makes me wonder if it does more than just amplify your guitar.

Don't forget the fact that it apparently "fills a gap needed by musicians everywhere."
"Sex sells everything and...(with AIDS,etc.)...Sex kills" Joni Mitchell, circa 1985

But this one only made me die laughing.

Maybe instead of "selling it with sex," companies eventually appear to resorting to "selling sex along with it," or at least a safe sex alternative.
Was this designed by Menocu ?
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Should be sold with a "Little Fretty" - they make a good pair
cat hahahaha photo thanks http://mp3dinle.blogspot.com/ mp3 dinle müzik dinle thanks
Site's gone and replaced by a spam target site, one of those that turns up in searches but really isn't connected at all with the thing you're searching for.
one of the links on the spam site is for tampons. How many people search for tampons on the net by typing in jamplug?? yuk!
Here's the page for the Jamplug, courtesy of archive.org:


I'm so glad it comes with some "tube hiss".
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