Convolution reverb = black magic

The guy in the picture is Fokke van Sanne, a Dutch sound engineer. He's sampling the inside of his mouth, by firing a starter pistol into it and recording the sound on a Neumann U98 microphone. He uses Altiverb software to strip out the sound of the gunshot and create an Impulse Response - a sample of the sound of the space. Using software like Waves IR-1 ($800) or SIR (Free), you can use the sampled reverb just like you'd use any other reverb. And convolution reberb sounds incredible. Fokke has sampled an old PA system in a huge derelict factory. I tried it out using SIR and a sample of Missy Elliot, and suddenly there's Missy, rapping through the PA system in a disused warehouse. It doesn't sound like a reverb effect, it sounds like the real thing. Convolution reverbs have been around for a few years at pro level, but now, with SIR, lots of people are experimenting with the technology, which can also be used to sample effects units, amplifiers and compressors. Noisevault is the centre of the scene.

Ha, just kidding it's not relly a starter pistol...muha ha ha!
has anyone made an underwater impulse yet?
don't try this at home, kids. I don't know about a starter pistol, but there have been a few cases of people trying to "blow thier own heads off" with blanks as jokes, and they all wound up killing themselves, so please be careful
How do yo sample a compressor with SIR? Wouldn't it just be a compressed reverb?
that doesn't sound like a very good joke!
Well, that's stupid. I can figure out at least a hundred ways of putting sound in your mouth that don't imply the risk of blowing your cheek away.
Why would pop rocks not do the trick?
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