"Available in Silver Sparkle and Pink Sparkle"

The Yamaha Cocktail Drum System is perfect for the Martini-drinking drummer with limited space - the big drum is a bass drum at the bottom, and a snare drum at the top, with various tinkly bits and toms. Tuxedo optional, but preferred. (Thanks to Scottdru on the SoS forum for spotting it.)

I bought one after I saw a weird Tiki-lounge band using one at Spaceland in LA. Oh, and I saw German chanteuse Barbara Morgenstern live, and her drummer played one too - it sounded great.You play it standing up, so you don't take up so much room on stage. Drummers wearing bandanas, with triple bass drums, 50 tomtoms, timpani and a gong obviously hate 'em.
I'm pretty sure the drummer from Jellyfish used to rock one of those things, back in the day.
I once saw a sweet drum 'n bass duo that were buisking with one of these and an a accoustic bass. they were dope!
I don't know if this one works the same way, but I saw one about ten years ago (perhaps a Gretsch?) and it had snares about six inches long against the underside of the top head, in a 'fan' arrangement, since the top head has to be the snare and the bottom has to be the 'bass' drum. Super stylish!
Just got one of these, with snare and tom attachments. What a sweet sound - very clean and precise, and stacks of charactor.

Hey! If any of you guys want a Coctail drummin' poet - just let me know.
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