Accordions reconsidered, Pt 2: Gareth's Adventure

Comrade Gareth makes a bold contribution to Accordiongate, with an extravagant tale of rotating speakers, MIDI accordions and erotic polka. I fear my picture research hasn't done his storytelling justice...
"I bought a cheap leslie copy off a wheelchair bound midi accordionist about 8 years ago. I was let into his flat by a beautiful homosexual man wearing only underpants. The accordionist was not beautiful, but he was wearing only underpants and a vest. I really thought I was going to be murdered by some weird accordion cult, but in fact he just wanted to play midi polka shit at me. I got the speaker for a tenner cos it didn't rotate, but i felt very uncomfortable about the whole experience. this is a true story, swear down."

Watchout for the Acordianista Liberation Front. Standard mode of attack is massed playing of Lady of Spain!
Accordions don't play Lady of Spain -- people do!

Seriously, these guys really do burst into a restaurant, play Lady of Spain, and then flee.

They also do astoundingly appropriate covers of "Whole Lot of Love" and "Frankenstein," but the bulk of their catalog is slightly screwy originals such as paeans to Mothra and mirrored lawn gazing balls.
There's a band in my town called the Marching Abominable that do similar things.

They burst into a bar, usually a handful of 'em, playing various instruments and decorated with silly hats, flashing lights, and extra noisemakers, and play a marching band song as they march merrily through the bar... then, out the door and on to the next destination.

When the Marching Abominable comes by, it's a happy event, like, hey, I just saw a shooting star!

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