Ten guitars shaped like guns

1) Peter Tosh's M-16 Guitar. No picture of it seems to exist, and the Peter Tosh foundation are looking for someone to construct a replica for their museum. Peter had it made for him in 1983. It may have actually been made from a real M-16 of the kind used by fighters in the Angolan war. Peter Tosh was shot dead in 1987. UPDATE: Now I have A picture!
2) The Hondo T-16B (left). Hondo ususally make cheap, bland, copy guitars, but sometimes freak out. The trigger is the pickup selector switch. (See also their mad H-1)
3) Dave Hill from Slade's Ray-Gun Guitar. A predictably poor effort.
4) The D'Angelico Rifle. A fantastically valuable and unique jazz guitar made in the late 1940s.
5) The Flame Thrower. Former Alice Cooper guitarist Kane Roberts (right) is a true hero of gun guitars. His glorious story of hanging out with Chasey Lain and setting Alice on fire with his flame-throwing axe is here
6) The goon. I don't really have anything to add to this.
7) The Oates Rifle. A guitar maker called Doc George Oates will sell you a very high-spec guitar shaped like a rifle for $1595.
8) Ed's AK. Our old friend Ed Roman has sold a slightly terrifying Johnson SMG.
9) The Devil Smiter. Mike Deasy was an LA session player in the '60s and '70s, playing with Elvis, the Monkees and Michael Jackson. Now he's found God, and he tours schools, preaching with a gun-shaped guitar: "I use it to blow the devil out of the water," he says. He had this pretty cool Jesus Guitar built for him in the 60s.
10) The Heat Hawk. The images are frustratingly small (and are probably just images from a computer game), but here's a tantalising hint of an amazing world of Japanese manga-themed ray-gun guitars: Heat Hawk Guitar, and Beam Rifle Guitar. If anyone knows more… UPDATE: Someone did know more. Oh yes. More about crazy Japanese Manga Guitars.

I own a Hondo T-16B gun shaped guitar and I have no idea of the value. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Brian Corbin
I have an "EGUN 2", six string electric guitar, made in Korea. It's got a candy apple red gun-shaped body, 2 sets of pickups, chrome enclosed tuners, and tremelo bar. I've had it for 15 years, got it used at a pawn shop in Ohio. Anyone got any info on this (manufacturer?, rarity?, any collector's value?, type of pickups installed?, etc).
I am simply disgusted - disgusted - that nobody has yet pointed out that It's Easier To Pull The Trigger Than To Play Guitar.
That list of guitars shaped like guns was awesome though.
here's some guy in colombia who makes guitars out of guns. any way to take some guns off the streets down there would appear to be 'a good thing'


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thanks very:)
Eglence Forum, Paylaşım
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