Juno 6 reborn by geeks

When I was about 13, I borrowed a Juno 6 from my guitar teacher. It was cool to have it around the house, and it made awesome noises with the arpeggiator. Aged 13, I didn't really have any idea what the controls did (this was around the same time I bought a Korg MS10 for £70, then sold it to a mate for £50...) Anyway, the Juno 6 is back, at least for Windows users, as some kind of freeware/Linux/open source thing, and - unlike most free music software - it's actually reached version 1.0. Celebrate by downloading it HERE. Just don't tell Roland, they'll demand it's renamed "Bruno 6" or something. Speaking of which, didn't Bruno Martelli have a Juno 6?
UPDATE: I just downloaded the Juno 6 emulator. It's not good, just a port of a very old synth emulator from 2000.

I loved the Juno60 we had at school, my Korg Poly60 wasn't a patch on the string sounds.
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