Friday is Timbaland day - Pt 4: Instant Timbaland

Of course, it's all about being original and doing your own thing... But if you're as lazy and derivative as me, you'll be delighted to find that have a range of samples called Timbalicious Drumz (they also do DRE-Mendous Drumz and Neptunian Drumz). If you subscribe to their mailing list, they'll send you a great-sounding free kit that's compatible with most samplers and has hits from all their kits.

dont buy those drums from modernbeatz.. trust me!
actually sorry you can do what ever you do! I guess buying a kit like this is like a treasure chest. At least the sounds are varied, no point in having a bunch of one sound I assume....

It has like 5 snares that crack other than that its OK
Wow ok so anyways I havent even used these, I had confused with another site's offerings

admin: u can delete my anon comments :D
There is spmething i can't get how we use a presets drum pattern and melodies in the production process , i think every producer must creat his own drum patterns and melodies for any beat he made cause i think that the music industry that way is going to be tastless unless we put some creativity in it , and as an example i can say (The Neptunes , Scott Storch) they are usually creats their own style without depending on the presets too much ...

An Egyptian HiPhOp producer
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