Buchla make awesome toys

Forty years old today(ish), Buchla make really, really expensive modular synths. Like $20k for a full kit or $1,400 for the empty cabinet, before you've bought any modules. But when your first $1m royalty cheque arrives, you won't want to waste your money on anything less. Don Buchla was one of the mad/genius people around making synths in the early 1960s. Since then, he's carried on inventing things like the Jarre-ish Lightning midi controller, and the very desirable Oberheim OB-Mx synth. Don Buchla, happy birthday.

ahh, don buchla. famous synth solo in Seals and Crofts "Sunrise". haven't heard it? download it, get stoned and put on the headphones. wow
Can't find "Sunrise", can you MP3 it?

I would love to hear this unit.
It looks great

Chip Gremillion
I got my hands on a medium-sized Buchla just a few months after Silver Apples of the Moon (1968?) was released. Talk about a dream come true. Many years later I acquired a seven-panel Serge Modular system for myself. I think Serge was one of Buchla's designers. I'm currently fiddling with Reaktor with the Serge lurking in the corner. Thanks for the picture and the flashback.
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