"They chose the button used in the B52 military airplane"

It gets pretty baffling pretty quick, but this page has everything you ever wanted to know about the Synclavier - the £60,000 sampler that rich musicians spent their platinum album royalties on in the eighties. The best bit: NASA used a Synclavier computer in the Galileo spaceprobe.

Interesting article, but it would be better with a little fact-checking. For instance, plenty of systems used analog signal chains post-DAC, including Emu, Fairlight, and even the Mirage. Note also that the keyboard action of the "VPK" was from the Sequential Prophet T8.

His comments about the superiority of the Synclav's analog mixing over digital mixing would certainly have been reasonable at the time the systems were for sale, but are dubious today, in the age of 32-bit floating point systems.
Very nice read... I never knew much about that Synth but after reading it's a pretty amazing machine...
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