Saturday is Dre Day: How Dr Dre makes records

Why do I love Dr Dre so much? Five new reasons in THIS interview: 1) He's spent the last two years studying music theory. 2) He has a piano teacher. 3) His piano teacher introduced him to Burt Bacharach. 4) He's going to make a rock album when he finds the right lead singer. 5) He doesn't like sampling. Bonus cool thing for geeks like me: 6) He has five MPC3000s lined up in his studio because he doesn't like changing the disks. (Thanks to Peter K for breakfast and inpiration for Dre Day)

Dr Dre is also a Liverpool football club fan!
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Dr. Dre'...look no further. I AM that singer!
Firstly, enough respect to Dre, he's done wonders for the genre and is only ranked behind Primo as the greatest hip-hop producer ever.

Secondly, sampling is a big part of hip hop and if he doesn't like it so much, why does he do it himself?
Dre doesn't like sampling? Then why does he sample his guitarist and bang out his riffs on the mpc? Anywho, good overview.
First off thats not sampling, all that is, is called song structre, insted of playing it out live he decides to load the riffs that HIS guitarist wrote for him into his mpc. A sample comes from artwork already written.....the stuff that Kanye does is a samole, the stuff dre does is a alterd instrument.
But yea dre iz SCHMMMMOOOVEEEE!!!!
He says in the first interview that if he wants to use something that's already been used, he'd try and bring a live band in to do it. If they couldn't work it out that way, then as a last resort he samples. So I guess rather than not liking samples, he meant he doesn't prefer them.
In defense though, even that seems untrue. If you listen.. a good amount of his songs are P-Funk and Charles Wright songs. Perhaps they do them up live, but it seems as though he takes quite a bit from there.
doesnt like sampling....

take a listen to the title song of this record....

Edge - David Axelrod at Capitol Records 1966-1970

samples a little too much...fake fake record records
If he has the samples replayed, he doesn't have to worry about performance royalties etc.
the guy teaching Dre is Steve Lindsey who owns Blotter Music which is Mike Elizondos publisher.
He also is a producer that has worked with Leonard Cohen and Aaron Neville, Elton John, Fishbone etc.
he was a studio keyboardist back in the day working with Richard Perry on all the Pointer Sisters tracks
and a million other records from Joni Mitchell
to Devo.
yezzzzirrrr ... Dr. Dre has definitely made an impact in the music industry. Making the biggest impact in the west coast, dre has been an influence 4 ppl everywhere and the fact of the matter is that hip hop wouldnt be the same w/out him.
im ouTT
Where can I find this interview? the link is broken
What do you mean... "he doesn't like sampling"? Dr Dre has a history of sampling...

Dre's samples-
NWA samples-
Dre collection-
the edge is by david mccallum (man from uncle) just produced by axelrod.

dre replays stuff instead of sampling so he doesn't have to pay mechanical royalties not cos he's against the principle. its all about the $.
Yeah, he's really awesome at it all. I really feel bad for him though... you DID hear about the death of his son right? Found an article on KIIS FM's web site:
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