The most expensive thing in the Turnkey catalogue...

... is this, the SPM MMC1. It's a posh volume control for mastering. The main thing is that it costs £56,158.99. Do you think they have many in stock?

that's orsum, coz overpaid mastering jerks don't have anything else to do except turn it up or down.
yeah but....Bob Ludwig says its good....
That's the whole idea of spending a lot of dosh $$$ on a good piece of kit - it should do the work for you. When I bought a Nakamichi "Dragon" cassette deck back in the day, I asked the sales guy "How do I get the most out of this thing?" and his reply was "You're paying top dollar for the best deck made. Just push 'record' and 'play'. That's the point."
my album was mastered on one of these by Simon Heyworth. The moment I walked in, despite having been a professional musician for 10 years, I pointed to it and said "that is the best-looking knob I have seeen in a studio - ever". Later that day Simon reached over to tweak it and the luminous blue surround dropped down into the chassis on one side. I was truly terrified. Gentleman that he is, he looked at it for a moment then said, "Bugger".
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